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Mornin people! Welcome to the new improved site so's that it actually has forge in the web title- yey.
Dover Express:"Forge, Battleska Galactica, Morgans
                           Puff Adder and  Kingskin are all screaming for
                           [record] contracts!
                          Sooner or  later, someone will listen"

Most Recently:
Some time in august: Just a birthday party thing at the rowing club in deal. Where have all the gigs gone?! Then again, the last time forge played together was at that gig cos i moved (me being sam).
11th July: The Louis Armstrong, Dover... again. Just as i thought we had no gigs, it turned out that the bassist from catdog buggered off to some far off country for three months- so we were phoned four hours befire the gig and asked if we would do it, so we did. Part of the Heavy Mental mini-tour of kent + sussex. Americans really are cheezy in real life but thouroughly nice people all the same and their set was bloody quality.  We should all bow to the capabilities of thier guitarist who executed countles chromatic runs with out bumming the notes! Lengends.
27th June 03: The Louis Armstrong, Dover. Reasonable crowd for da louis. Set was tightish. First time in about 9 months that we haven't got a gig in sight for the near future :o(
13th June 03: Centre Spot, River. Played with Kingskin who were top notch as always. Thanks to Trev for the gig and the sweaty hug+ to jak- finally somebody understands my guitar rambling about modes and augmented arpeggios!
6th June 03: Played the lido in margate. Twas a quality gig and the new set list went down realy well. forgot the words to unda the bridge due to being slightly pissed and viki. its all her fault. The organiser was a good bloke this time- thankyou Paul.
28th march 03: Opened at the stripes club folkestone with Dead for Nothing, Ein Stiefen and Jester. I really wanted to see Jester again but I had to go. Dead for Nothing i thought were well good but Pie + Mr Tom prefered Ein Stiefen. We played fairly okish but we hadn't played since the crappy battle of the bands. I got reconised five times at a gig at the Astor theatre! The price of fame!

8th march 03: Headlined at kings hall. King Alpha were a classy band but their Pearl Jam and Hendrix esque stuff wasn't everyones cup of tea- i was loving it though! Nepolean's 2nd gig ever went surprisingly well but by the time we got on, every one was properly wankered and had a good old mosh/brawl/orgy. Who would have thought you could mosh so hard to californication! Dunno peoples opinions of the new song though but please- write in on Fan comments page!


1st feb 03: St. Richards, Deal, Played with Living Without Reason and Phazed. Phazed had much improved since last playing with them at Temple Ewell mainly due to their new bassist, go Tom!!! (not Mr. Tom) Living Without Reason were surpisingly good and gave a bit mor life to the gig. There weren't much more than 70 people there though.


25th jan 03: Harp Club, Folkestone, JAW DROPPINGLY BRILLIANT- Slingshot around the moon and Six Stage Suicide ( Much more relaxed and we got a few hearty pat's on the back. Fuckin exhausted though! 


24th jan 03: Kings hall, Dover. This went ok, set was quite spotless but we didn't really have the attention of the whole crowd. Morgans Puff Adder-the fucking best!!! Battleska were inovative as usual, Kingskin-quality ands thats about it!